Roswell, NM: Visitors Welcome

The Alien Chase is held annually during Roswell's UFO Festival, which celebrates the July anniversary of "The Roswell Incident" when an alien craft is said to have crash-landed near the town. 2007 marks the 60th Anniversary of The Roswell Incident. Roswell embraces aliens, and the Alien Chase is a fun run with costumed people and pets.

Thanks to the Roswell Runners Club and Roswell Regional Hospital for sponsoring a great run.

The sun rises over Roswell as we drive 75 miles East from Ruidoso, NM to the spot of the 60th Anniversary of "The Roswell Incident."
Roswell is an All American City and the Dairy Capital of the Southwest. No wonder why the aliens landed here.

Most of the UFO Festival events, including the Alien Chase, were being held at Roswell's beautiful Convention and Civic Center.
Visitors feel truly welcome.
These two friendly women drove from Albuquerque to participate in the 10K run and see what the UFO Festival had to offer. I caught up with them near the end of the 10K and enjoyed sharing a friendly conversation (while I gasped for breath). Best of luck in postgraduate school!
Volunteers and Staff set up at the start as 7:00 a.m. approaches.
This man ran 6.2 miles wearing a purple hood.
The green-headed alien runner. We caught-up with him and his family again at IHOP after the run. Surprisingly, he didn't seem too out-of-place.
The Roswell Regional Hospital Staff has a wonderful sense of humor.
The 5K/10K route followed a scenic bike trail that meandered through residential neighborhoods and past a golf course. The route was relatively flat and about fifty percent shaded. Beautiful!
The races finished next to a stadium behind the Roswell Convention and Civic Center. The awards ceremony took place in the stadium.
Meet my Alien Chase Inspiration. This man was in front of me for most of the race, and I let him know he was my inspiration when I got within earshot during the second-half of the run. He was kind enough to catch-up with me after the race and extend his congratulations on a good run. Thank you for your kindness! The Roswell running community is very welcoming and friendly.
Entering the stadium for the awards ceremony.
More than 260 people participated in the various races.
The top three winners in each race and age group were presented with Alien/UFO trophies.

The Alien Chase Event Coordinator and President of the Roswell Running Club, Bob Edwards, wore last year's blue hospital scrubs race shirt as he announced the race winners.
An alien ballerina.
The Team Leader of the Roswell UFO Crash Recovery Team.
We followed the alien family out of the stadium and across the street to check-out the UFO Convention vendors.
The Convention and Civic Center was brimming with all things alien.

The Center was filled with creative people...
and plenty of Alien Spirit.
After browsing the Convention and Civic Center (and doing a little holiday shopping), we got back on I-70 and headed West. The Roswell Honda Alien waved farewell.
Overall, the Alien Chase was out-of-this-world!





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