13.1 miles for me and many others. 26.2 miles for still others. Fun, family, and friends, both old and new, for everyone! Thank you to all who appear in the picstory below.

The race began in front of the American Airlines Arena

Oh the humanity!

It took a couple minutes after the starting horn sounded to get to the Starting line. The race begins with runners heading East over the McArthur Causeway.

Cruise ships docked at the Port of Miami

At the end of the McArthur Causeway the run headed North along Miami Beach. No more butter for you! (Inside joke)

The Jackie Gleason Theater

This man and his daughter (below) were running their first marathon in honor of his brother. I noted the father kept looking back to keep his eye on his daughter and her progress. Very touching.

These pictures were taken while running on the Venetian Causeway. The McArthur Causeway, where the race began, was to our left.

I spotted a camera crew setting up to film in this location, and one of the photographers was kind enough to snap my picture with this beautiful backdrop.

The Miami Herald building

Who's the lunatic standing at the top of the bridge taking pictures through the grate?

I do not know Allison. Allison's Mother asked me if I knew Allison, right after she gave me approval to take this picture. I wanted to capture Allison's parents on film because they are the most supportive parents I have seen thus far in my young marathon-running career.

I first spotted Allison's parents at mile 4, right after the MacArthur Causeway ended. There they stood, the day breaking, anxiously awaiting their first glimpse of Allison. Eyes wide, video camera at the ready.
I cheered for Allison's parents and told them their daughter was very lucky.

I next spotted Allison's parents after mile 7. They had moved along the Miami Beach portion of the race to give Allison more encouragement before the Venetian Causeway stretch.

I took this picture at mile 11, at the end of the Venetian Causeway. Allison's parents were a bit worn from their travels along the marathon route, but they still stood at the ready, awaiting another chance to encourage Allison in her race.

I do not know whether Allison was running the 1/2 marathon or the full marathon. I do know that wherever Allison runs, for the rest of her life, her parents will be there to encourage, support, and love her.

I told Allison's parents that I envied Allison. She has excellent parents.

UPDATE: Since these pictures were first posted, Allison's Mother and Father have e-mailed. Allison ran the full marathon and finished strong. That support really helps. Congratulations, Allison!

This marker is in Biscayne Park. I used to party on Cermak Road in Chicago. It took the Miami Half-Marathon to learn the street was named after a Mayor of Chicago who was from Czechoslovakia, as were my paternal grandparents.

Biscayne Bay

These fellow runners shared their stories of past marathons on our ride back to the hotel.






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