What's Your BMI?

Do you know your BMI, Body Mass Index? There are plenty of easy-to-use BMI calculators on the web. Here's one provided by the Centers for Disease Control.

But your BMI is not the be all and end all for getting fit and firm. As the CDC notes, you should also measure your waist circumference (don't hold it in) for another measure of your fitness.

Taking both your BMI and waist circumference into account, you will have a great start for calculating where your healthy body should be. Then you can map a route to get there.

Yoga for Body & Mind

Food Combining

The verdict is still out, but five months into a food combining/eating for your blood type/raw food diet, and it feels really good. Lost weight and gained energy.

It definitely takes some getting used to, but there is help out there.

A friend is having terrific success with the Carb Lover's Diet, and the recipes sound fantastic!

Running Right

Here's a really informative article on the right way to run. I must admit, I'm the "typical plodder" described in the article, rarely challenging myself during workouts. Guess its time to incorporate plyometric exercises into cross-training, and to follow the "hard-easy" rule, doing runs that are either truly challenging or very easy.





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